Improved online algorithm through exact reader statistics!

This improved AVE model, integrates the exact number of readers of an article in the ROI calculation.

ROI Calculator Online

ROI of Online Articles

Improved online algorithm through exact reader statistics!

article's size = ad value for the exact numbers of readers = ROI

Variables like niche, audience, traffic, etc. creates a different ad price and with that a different ROI (just like in print media).

We use a more exact AVE (advertising value equivalent) model to provide the value of an online article based on how many people have read the article. We integrate the number of readers of the chosen article in our ROI calculation.

ROI of Tweets

The calculation of a tweet's value:

Top influencers = tweet value = 100%
User's influence = tweet value = ?

Top influencers → Tweet value = Amount “X”
User's influence = 60% of top influencer = 60% of amount “X

Each user provides a different quality and exposure. So every user also has a different tweet value.

Online influence scores can get inflated artificially, that's why we use the results of the 3 top influence scoring sites. Via a comparison and calculation of the user's influence of all 3 sites, we are able to provide a more balanced influence score.

The user's influence score is compared to the score of Twitter's top influencers.

The value of a user's tweet is calculated through the comparison with the price of an actual sponsored tweet of a top influencer.

Coming Soon

The ROI Calculator is currently in BETA. We will soon be including other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube in the calculations.